Frame rate loss

Hello, I seem, when playing on a local dedicated server (or on another local machine) to get an extremely low frame rate after time??
When I first spawn I get a good 80 FPS and about 10 minutes later I get as low as 10, causing uncomfortable lag.
Also it seems to go away when I reconnect, just to start again 10 minutes later… It is really frustrating.
& I do not have this problem with remote servers, hosted elsewhere.

What’s happening?

It could be due to decal overload. You can try clearing decals in the client itself. If it’s getting progressively laggy. Check your temperatures of your CPU/GPU and make sure the server itself isn’t under too much pressure. Generally running the server and the game client is a good idea unless your hardware is up to it.

r_maxdecals 8

I found the problem, it was an element in my HUD:

[LUA]local Avatar = vgui.Create(“AvatarImage”)
Avatar:SetPos(350, ScrH() - 60)
Avatar:SetSize(43, 43)
Avatar:SetPlayer( LocalPlayer(), 43[/LUA]

It is all fine now, thanks though.