Frame Rate Problem on Mac Client

Hey all, just downloaded the game. Getting something like 5 fps.

It’s the Mac Client.

2010 MacBook Pro. NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M 512 MB.

I set the graphics to fastest. Found the F2 menu and turned everything off, and two shortest distance.

Running in a 800x600 window.

That got it to something almost playable, about 5fps, maybe less.

It was worse before.

Any help here?


That’s an old and slightly weak card (for Rust, not everything), unfortunately. However, the other part of it is, the experimental/“new” version of Rust (contrasting against the legacy version, which is basically a first draft and had work stopped on it in February) is pretty unoptimized right now, and people with beefy rigs are getting much lower performance than “expected”.

Expected is in quotes because, at this stage of the game, bad performance is something to expect, but the goal is obviously to have better performance, and rigs that should be able to easily achieve that better performance when Rust actually hits a 1.0 state are getting much lower performance right now.

But, practically speaking, I don’t think you’re going to get more than 30fps on that MacBook no matter what optimizations go into Rust. A four-year-old laptop is just not going to do well with new games (and games that aren’t even out yet).

Thanks for the info!

The Legacy version does work much better for me.

Appreciate it.


You’re welcome. The Mac client is also subject to its own unique problems and weirdness.

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