Frame Stutter

So the game runs super smooth on all settings, but every 5 seconds theres one major stutter.

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using a GTX 580 windows 8.1

yay im helping the alpha improve

Does it happen when standing still, or only when moving?
There’s some issues with entering new areas and having player made structures spawning that can cause some stutter issues

I have the same problem. I play for 30 seconds then after that it freezes for 2-3 seconds. it happens while standing still and moving. Its really annoying and i cant even fight someone because i just freeze and they can kill me. I saw the same problem posted on this forum but it said the only solution was to disable my Realtek High Definition Audio driver in Device manager. If i disable it the game runs perfectly and smooth. But the only problem is that there is no sound if i disable the driver. I would rather play with sound and fps freezing then no sound. But i just want to play normally with sound and running smoothly. Is there any possible way to fix the stutter?

I purchased the game on Friday and these lag spikes started occurring right from the beginning. Every 5-10 seconds my screen would freeze and i would be unable to move for up for 1-4 seconds. Luckily there is a fix for this which is to disable your Realtek High Definition Audio, sounds weird i know and i’m not really sure why it works but it does. The only bad part is this effectively cuts off your computers sound which to almost everyone id assume is unacceptable. Maybe this will give devs a direction into where the problem lies? If you would like to try out this solution for yourself, Device Manager->Sound, Video, Game Controllers->Realtek High Definition Audio-> Right Click And Disable-> Restart Computer. If for some reason this doesn’t work you can simply turn it back on. Please give feedback on how this works for you.

Wow, bizarre! I’m going to see if other unity games have this issue

maybe because the world is loading and because the server are overpopulated? That could be why…

Keep your Realtek driver enabled but disable all the other sound drivers. (Nvidia audio and stuff) plug in a USB headset to your comp but keep the audio playing from your pc speakers. That should fix the freezing. (I don’t know how plugging in a usb headset fixes this but it works for me).

Just keep the usb headset plugged in when you play rust

I have a Lenovo laptop with the same problem. I have sli GTX750 and the Realtek drivers cause horrible stuttering, even if i disable the Nvidia ones. When I disable the realtek device it works fine.

Well damn, i got the lenovo y510p with a gtx 755m and i’m experiencing this issue as-well, everything you said here applies to me as-well. I even uninstalled the nvidia audio and nothing happened.