framedrops due to long distance?

hi girls n guys!
in my map (for a small vr project) i ve got a looong drop through several rooms.

at the top room if i look at the ceiling the engine throws ~max fps, but when looking at the floor just ~20 fps.
same thing at the bottom room just vice versa.

soo, is there any way to fix that ? something like telling the engine not to calculate the things behind the wall, in my case ceiling/floor… ?
area portal or so?

here s the drop on video, you can see the framedrops at the net_graph:

(sry for not embedding, facepunch crashed on me 3 times in a row)


ok, sry for the noob question,…
so now i know what areaportals are used for,…
its always the same thing, the second i ask, it works

excuse me :frowning:


It’s no problem, it happens to the best of us.

Since you don’t get any experience from fixing something that you don’t understand, here’s a FYI. The framerate drop isn’t due to the distance, it’s about all of the stuff in the distance/where the FPS drops. Something can be as long as Source Engine limits allow~ but if nothing is in it, it won’t lag. Just as that, if there’s a shitload of stuff in something no matter the distance, it will lag. (Stuff being anything; props, the func_breakable’s you probably used for those floors, etc.) Which is why areaportals are so handy and help fix this problem, by hiding <stuff> that the player wouldn’t see anyways.

cheers :slight_smile: