Framerate drops in singleplayer but not in multiplayer?

Okay, so i encountered one problem lately. Well, when i play in singleplayer like in… rp_cscdesert, my FPS is about 10-20 but the same map in multiplayer server is like 60fps or even more. My specs are fine though. So, could it be that i have too much addons? I can’t be arsed to list them here.

Screenshot your addons folder and post it here

If you are playing in multiplayer and you don’t host the server, I would say this is normal. In singleplayer, your computer has to do all the physic calculations and render the graphics, while in multiplayer your computer only have to render the graphics and do some rare client-side physic calculation.

But this haven’t happen earlier. That’s why i’m wondering why the hell it’s doing this. Well, i have 10gb or more of addons so that could be the reason.

…How the fuck does this work, Singeplayer: Lag, Mutilplayer: No lag. :v:


Oh yeah, it is your addons alright.