Framerate? Low?

I3 2.93x2
6GB ram
ATI HD6670 1gb ram

So just got the game. Looks promissing. Only issue is I have to run on lowest at smallest window to get 20-40 fps. Is the just a alpha thing? Can I expect the to run okay on a low-mid end pc down the road?

Just a bummer. Kind was hoping for a smoother running game. But everything else looks pretty snazzy! I like the UI and crafting system.

Rust is unoptimized at the moment, and as a result it’s going to run slower than you’d expect for your system. It’s definitely an alpha thing.

And also a Unity Web Player/playing it in a browser thing. The devs intend to make standalone clients down the road, but right now, they’re sticking with the browser because it’s much easier to manage. Making standalone clients for Windows, Mac, and Linux would mean having to produce three different versions of the game every time a change was made. This way, they only need to build/compile (does Unity compile apps?) once.

Check out my performance guide…

Also, I recommend turning down the “Awesome level”.

Thanks chapi, As much as I would like better fps I wouldnt dare ditch google chrome to do it.

Also turn off filtering.

Sorry I should have explained more. I meant to say im getting these frames even after lowering every setting in the menu.

Side question. Is this still the source engine? like emulated on unity? Or they just making the game ground up on unity? I herd this game was the inspired by a dayz mod for gmod.