Frameratedrops and Polygon Icebergs.

In some cases as little as ~2-5% of a rockobject is above ground, yet everything is loaded.
No wonder we get frameratedrops.

well they want to get it out of EA this year so theyre going to have to do some optimization

Really?.. This year!?..
That would be an immense disappointment, this is sloppy as hell.
I actually respected the terrain generator quite a bit, assuming the rockformations where no objects but generated as well, but now I see this mess… as a placeholder fine, but as an endresult, no way.
This does indeed explain a lot.
Just estimate the amount of polygons that are loaded while not shown (and effects rendered upon them?), and how these could have been used to improve the looks without additional gpuload if this was done properly, or how it would have made the game lighter, if not there at all.

And now that I’m ranting anyway, isn’t there also a method of combining objects as one object (RayFire right?)in order to minimize load untill it’s fragmented?.. I’m missing that too, (if at all possible in this context(houseparts))

alpha game…

I hope so, I’m not sure how easy it is to cut an object in half at the point where it intersects the ground of a randomly generated surface…

But aside from what will or wont be fixed in the future… It is an absolute eye opener as to why so many people report performances that do not seem to correspond with the complexity of the world.