Frames Limit option [coming soon]

Very likely, in the next update we get a new cvar “render.frames”. Already can be used on dev servers. Now it will be possible to limit FPS in the game.

This will be most useful in conjunction with Vsync. Who don’t know there is a small trick. If you enable Vsync and limit the frames to the frequency of the monitor -2 frames, thereby can get rid of tearing and significantly reduce input lag. So if your monitor take 75 hz, then render.vsync true, render.frames 73, and we have no tearing and very small input lag.

Of course limit FPS and Vsync you can turn on using third-party programs. But it’s great when this built into the game.

One more thanks to the developers!

Or buy an Nvidia video card and use adaptive vsync rather than a crap AMD card with shit drivers.

Adaptive vsync works a little differently, and does not give such an effect.