Frames per second help


I have been playing a friends game but he has a high end graphics and gets great FPS second all settings are on high-ish

I was just wondering before I purchased the game would someone be able to give me advise if my laptop will be able to maintain atleast a half decent FPS

Win 8.1

CPU: AMD A10-7400P
RAM: 8gb(Single? - DDR3)
GPU: Cant find what model it says R6

You can use this link to see gaming benchmarks with your gpu using actual games. Scroll down a bit and you will find the gaming benchmarks. I’m not sure what game on that list would be comparable to rust but it might help somehow.

Cheers, I couldn’t really work it out.

I am very sorry to tell you, that you never should buy a Laptop to play Games on it.
Rust is a very beautiful and demanding game. Even if you manage to somehow run it
with a special low end configuration file, it will look like shit. Do youself a favour
and give this Laptop back and get a real Computer. As a GPU a GTX 970 would be fine
and as a CPU u should better use an Intel. i5 4670k for example.

You can buy the game nonetheless, because someday - you will get a PC.
And this game is my Top 1 most played out of my 500 Steam Games,
followed by GMod (same devs). You can check that out here, not lying.

You can play games on a laptop just fine. The problem here is that your laptop is using a integrated gpu. For demanding games you wil need a decent dedicated gpu.

Yeah of course Solitaire, Pinball and Tetris count as Games.
But I was talking about Games like Rust. This Laptop however
wont make you experience Rust the way its meant to be played.

lol fucking elitist myro XD

yeah look, harsh reality is laptops are not made for performance the same way a desktop is. to get the same quality gaming experience on a laptop, you will need to fork out comparatively more money, and expect to have to replace the whole machine when updating, not just components. they are built for mobility, not power.

you can play games like rust on a laptop, and i do with decent success; but if you had the option of buying a machine specifically for this purpose, i’d suggest you choose differently to me and get a desktop. failing that, 8gb ram minimum, decent intel cpu (i5 and above) and nvidia gpu (keep in mind the mobile versions are weaker than their desktop equivilent, and signified by an “m” at the end of the model number), and expect far less FPS than other more complete games.

for example, i get 40-120 fps with TF2. on the same laptop i get 10-20fps on low settings in rust.