Francis about to have one last kiss with his ex-girlfriend who turned into a witch

Here is the non-filtered version:

Here is the filtered version:

And here is the original (I’m sure you can edit this better than I have):

This is one of my first real uses of GIMP for gmod (the first was not very good), so give me pointers here.

Oh freaking god that is scary.
posing is nice, though.


well said

I just teared up, making that fucking pose of him shooting her though :c

At first glance, :raise:. After reading the text… :gonk:

I have to admit, I thought of this (Gears 2 Spoiler)

Kudos, nice posing :slight_smile:

Did you know?
*It was a pain in the arse to get her face blue like that?
*I originally was not going to use GIMP but then got annoyed by her face being next to impossible to be the same color as her skin without GIMP?
*The idea was inspired by this while I was thinking about that ragdoll pose during my lunch time at high school?
*I was thinking about some sad situations after I drew a robot that wanted to be a warrior-bot but ended up forklift with one fork on each arm and on treads and the image in the OP is one of them?

When I read the story, I was ready for something sad. Then I saw the faceposing and :v:
+1 Funny.

I didn’t really see how it would be funny, but ok…
How exactly is the faceposing funny?

EDIT: If it’s about the witch’s mouth, her lips are just darkened, they are in fact, puckered and together.

Hey, does anyone else thinks that the witch looks like Jennifer Aniston?

Female_01 head, though if you posted an image of her, I might make the connection.


I like it, the write up was nice and dramatic.

Nice work.

Anyone want to have a go at editing the original image?

what the lol

i laughed

need to get witch porn now

Damn right. :q:

Left 4 Head :smug:

I never watched the movie, but was there a witch in there?