Francis and Ellis, 2/14/10

[del]Lust[/del] Love at first sight.

What happens next?

One of them will get Jihaded.

Anal tearing love.

Never ask. NEVER…

Here is some 70’ts porn thread music

Somebody should make a gmod porno between Francis and Ellis using this music.

Intriguing idea:dance: Now wait for “gaybow, wtf, failz, omg, gtfo, stipid, lulz and so on”

That is so gay.

Wy is it Ellis X Francis?

It’s Ellis x Nick.

Oh God…

I hate gay garrys mod poses.
Everytime I watch them I feel bad.

me too, but when it is not a joke


oh, sorry, i forgot that my english isnt perfect
i hate when people post gay poses, but when they are kidding (like this one) its pretty funny

Oh, Dems, I’m so sorry.

Demoniclemon says Ellis doesn’t like gambling and Nick is a gambler. He is a decent young man. Mmmm young.

Sounds… delicious…

Amazing. You know. I do believe it is.

Now that I think about it, it is isn’t it?