Francis and fire... Not much to say...

Well, it was a long time since I last posted something new here. So here it goes.

It could look better but due to the fact that I dont use photoshop for a long time it is ok if it still looks rough around the edges.

Compare here if you want:

May be just me, but the revolver looks really small. Nice editing though, I like it.

the pic is nice, but the revolver looks like a toy.

Swine-Flu Francis

Auctualy, the revolver is about right… Most revolvers were very small handguns.

gun look like toy gun
and what’s up with background?

Its a little prostitute pistol. :buddy:
anyway, Francis needs more faceposing on the brow region.

It could be worse

^ I lol’ed for unknown reasons.

Did anyone notice the lambda symbol shaved into Francis’s head?

Wtf its true!

It looks rather simple, its a nice return pic I guess :slight_smile:

Holy shit!
Nice pic.

I always said that to my friends when I used to play l4d on xbox, they thought I was bullshitting them, THEY WHERE WRONG! HARHAR! :psyduck:

Nice edit. And that gun would certainly make children and old people stop and think twice.

I knew Francis was a robot made by Black Mesa, noone can hate everything!!