Francis and Gang - Chilling in the streets.

"Good times…"


C&C appreciated as always. Please take your time commenting, and try not to derail the thread.


zoey’s on the floor from the intense rape session by louis

The posing is pretty bad

No offense, but it’s exactly these type of comments that derail threads and that I would like to avoid.

Something more constructive, please.

Bill is checking out Francis’ ass.

Do I even need to comment this…?


If you don’t have anything better to say, don’t fucking say anything. Get the fuck out of my thread.

Thank you.

Sorter, you have a attitude issue, they’re just saying shit and you know what? THAT’S WHAT IT FUCKING LOOKS LIKE

The posing is ok but the legs need a lot of work, the lighting is pretty good, but the faceposing on all of them could use a little work because they all look like they’ve just finished a back alley gangbang.

Get over yourself, it’s a fucking picture, and that’s how it looks to everyone else. You can’t just tell them to get the fuck out because they post wherever the hell they want, and if you have an issue with that, go make your own damn forum and ban everyone you don’t agree with.

I might have been a bit angsty, but I wasn’t having attitude over any criticism like “Posing is bad”, it’s just that they are derailing my thread, cluttering it with useless comments.

I want to improve, that is my only goal. And for that(I can’t stress this enough) I need criticism. If you dislike my picture, why would I disagree? Why would I honestly think I could change your mind once its set about a picture?

So before getting all Judge Judy on my ass, maybe try to use your reading comprehension.

Useless… comments? Holy shit. They can’t just make some comments?

You** really** need to calm down buddy. Waaaay more than just a bit angsty.

Surely derailing a thread isn’t acceptable? Just making sure, so I didn’t nerdrage for nothing.

Before you go all “try use your reading comprehension” on your ass, maybe you should go back and read your posts. You’re just making a huge ass out of yourself by telling everyone to get the fuck out.

Your pose looks like a bunch of rapists, people happened to point this out. If you can’t take facepunch’s harsh criticism, if you can’t take the heat, then you don’t belong here.

Even if their comments were humorous, and could be viewed your way, their comments are 100% true about your picture. The posing/faceposing does NOT fit the theme you tried to achieve, they all look dirty and tired after a long group shagging.

So yes, you nerdraged over NOTHING.

It’s not derailing. They’re just comments. They’re commenting on the content of the OP. That’s on-topic.

They don’t need to give you in-depth constructive criticism to be on-topic.

The exchange between Bill and Louis…
** “Jeez, would ya look at the butt on that…” **
** “mmmmmm” **
It looks like Bill’s ankle is broken.
and I don’t really like how Zoey and Louis are staring off into space.

Irony how the OP is derailing his own thread.

Okay, I’m man enough to admit I an oopsie.

I can accept that the poses are bad, they’re my third serious attempt.

Why is Bill scoping out Francis’s ass?

Thats what called Criticism my friend.

The brightness should be toned down a bit. Is unpleasant to the eye.
As this is only your third attempt at serious posing, I am not going to picky pick on it. There is just so much you can learn in a short period of time. Although you need to pay more attention to the leg pose. That is a major issue here.
Not the worst of early poses though. Keep at it.

Damn. Ya’ll crazy.

Thank you for the encouraging post, Rastifan. I will try to adress the legs as soon as I can. It’s very tricky, I must admit o.o…