Francis and Zoey Killing A Hunter

Bill and Louis are dead (not shown in pic,my bad), and while Francis and Zoey were running to find shelter in the warehouse, a hunter suddenly attacked Zoey by biting on her leg. As a result, she was injured and can’t walk. But luckily Francis realized it and quicky shoved the hunter away and picking up Zoey at the same time. The hunter tried to recover quickly to strike back but only ends up in death. It really was hard to do that kind of pose. It took me about 3 and a half hours plus photoshopping. I know the blood is bad, it looked so fake. Maybe some of you guys out there can help me out? . Anyway, C&C is welcomed but do not be mean.

Front View

Back View

Thanks for the explanation or I would ask why in the name of reason Zoey is shooting from that position:)

Francis facepose a bit overdone, to heavy muzzle flash and very bright blood, but a good idea. Hunter is pretty much fucked here:)

I believe that is TF2 blood. Anyways the fact that they look like maniacs made me lol. Have a funny.

thanks but anyway how do I change those fake looking blood? the emitter tools?

Sweet Jezuz I laughed.
You gotta delete the TF2 Addon Blood again in your decals folder.

Contrast rape.

Blood emitters dont fit well with the picture. Other than that its not so bad.

Funny stuff, nice and bloody.

Francis’s faceposing seems overdone.

i don’t like the face posing and i don’t like people who find it funny i mean what’s funny about a couple of widely open mouth’s.

Muzzle flashes can go through objects, appearenlty.

Might want to fix that up. Or you can 'shop a muzzle flash in, which would probably be better.

I fell off my chair… i was expectig something totally serious, and when i saw francis…

The story is less than necessary, but the picture is solid.

The TF2 blood reminds me of doom blood lol

Pretty Cartoonish

Yeah, I guess it’s the blood. I gotta fix that ASAP.

The posing is good, but the TF2 blood & badly posed aviator glasses ruined the moment. Hunter’s pose also looks strange…

I actually made the glasses looked that way. Lets say that Francis quickly grabbed zoey and he did not have time to adjust his glasses.

Fix your faceposing, improve graphical settings.

Graphic you say? I think I had already adjusted it to the max. No idea why the picture didn’t really turned out well as expected.