Francis' Biker Jacket request

Hey,I would need a quick re-model (or whatever you eant to call it :P) Of Francis from L4D.Basically,as my fav char from L4D <3,I wanted to create a personal skin from him,But I don’t like a vest-I see FULL SLEEVED Jackets much better and I would love if someone made this quick re-model for me.All I need is a full-lenght sleeves on Francis’ already existing biker vest to make it into a biker jacket.Would anyone help me?

A few pics:[/media]

it would look incredibly shitty due to it being a skin and not a new model

well if anyone wants to give me an .smd, I’ll give it a shot. I’d convert it myself, but my computer always crashes when I try.

Im not talkin about making a skin on his hands,but modelled SLEEVES…

I wasn’t even able to decompile any of the L4D survivors properly, I don’t even wanna think about recompiling them with eye and faceposing intact. I could just be missing some things though.