Francis blasting the oh so famous Mr off-screen

:siren:I am aware of the clipping on his left arm, just couldn’t fix it!:siren:

Jizz in my pants! This is really awesome! i love it!

Uberslug has made the exact same thing.

Good, very good.

Very good, however the muscle in his right arm seems a little… too defined.

^ That’s what his head looks like it’s doing to me. I dunno. Neck seems twisted.

It’s good I suppose, but it’s been done and done again.

Generic as hell, but nevertheless. This is quality stuff.

Look at his avatar and the picture.


Low res wall ruins it. But nice muzzleflash. How did you made it?

Yep, that’s it. Although it’s a nice edit, it ain’t original for shit.

Mr. off-screen is overused.

Stock muzzleflash from Google, big round brush colored like the muzzleflash (yellow/orange) with screen blending mode to get the lightning.

His facial expression seems a little exaggerated, but otherwise this looks really good. I’d suggest moving on from Mr. Offscreen, though; he’s seen far too much use and abuse at the hands of countless people.

Hah, your avatar matches.

this is very delicious

Cool lighting, but that muzzle flash is kinda lousy.

Exaggerated? If anything they’re under-exaggerated. His mouth is pretty much just open and has no agression to it, and his outer eyebrows need to be raised otherwise he just looks like he’s squinting his eyes.

Anyone notice, that Francis was in a biker gang called, Hells Angels, sorry if I’m late I just noticed that

Maybe it’s because he’s muscular?

The way he’s twisting his neck is well within a human’s flexibility.

Why would you lean your neck while you are shooting… with a rifle ?