Francis catching Zoey

I’ve never posted a Garr’s Mod screenshot on here before, so if something’s not right, please tell me. (This is also my first try with in-game editing)
Yes I know, Zoey’s hand doesn’t look very good, I couldn’t get it to look right.

And if anybody could suggest a better image uploading site that’d be great.

Edited to fit R M S 1 3’s suggestions.

I don’t like this one as much, and I didn’t really choose a good camera angle. (This edit was made at 6:00 am)

image tags

yer picture here

You can try uppix, tinypic (it DOES compress screenshots though) and there are a couple others.

I highly recommend uppix.

So i just put in the first tag, my files name, then the second tag?


The link to the picture

And is a good hosting site.

Oh, okay thanks.

Up your graphics. Otherwise it’s okay

There is always some deadly copter rotors below in situations like this. It is a universal rule:eng101:
Cam angle is ok, but I think Zoey would “grab” Francis arm with both hands looking terrified.
Not hanging there casually looking down at certain death.

That’s not bad ass, though.

See your point. Although it would fit Hollywood’s bigoted, sexist “female in distress” standard :j:

But that would of course be an insult to Zoey.

I play on a crappy laptop :C


Yeah, I guess you’re right lol.

EDIT: I suck at face posing also, so I tried to hide her face.

Good concept, execution could use work. The camera angle is not exciting, as neither of their faces are really showing, so it’s difficult to know what emotion is being conveyed (or something). Try to put more “expression” into the posing. What I mean is, zoey seems to be just hanging there limp, when maybe an arm would be swung out or the legs retracted, maybe the limbs would be flailing about. Something like that.

It’s a good start, keep practicing.

Someone else will probably chime in with a “use SDOF” or something. I don’t use ingame editing so I can’t speak about the subject.

Wait wait wait, hold on here.

Zoey is female? :gay:

zoey look like she’s standing on a invisible platform while giving francis a high five

Wow, thanks! Mind if I ask what ‘execution’ is ( I’m such a noob)? And yeah, I suck at faceposing, so I tried to hide the faces, but I’ll try harder next time. Thanks for the help.


lol, it kind of does.

By execution I just mean the angle, posing, things like that. Elements of the scene I guess. Keep developing, honing your blade :pervert:

Yea yea. Me and Dem made some dick girl pictures of her, and now we never hear the end of it:psyduck:

Oh, huh.

I was more referencing her near-complete lack of feminine features, but we’ll go with that! :wink:

Thanks, I’ll try some more tomorrow.

LOL Damn

“This is the SECOND time I’m saving your ass”

shoulda been kind like this,