Francis chillin next to a tree

Yeh it’s not really thread worthy but I thought I’d just let you know that I’m still alive.

Original by cheescurls.

Like the blood blud

haven’t seen you make anything in a long time :buddy:

Lovely work, I dig the shading on his vest.

Love the rain and the blood.

lol who are u again

He isn’t really chilln’ if he’s got a gunshot wound and is wincing because of it.

The joke.

Your head.

Nicely job

Whatever you did to Francis is nice. Whatever you did anywhere else is not.

The textures of his clothing and the blood look great; even his skin look pleasing to look at. The rest of the picture is just bland. The rain is bad too. It’s like you edited Francis, but an amateur came and did the rain.

But, I understand if not as much time was put into it for this reason and that.

Yeh I totally forgot how to do rain.

Painted by hand :wink:
If there’s anything that looks odd, I would have to say the blood… It should have some brighter highlights, and tad darker blood some places.

Follow my wet tutorila :

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Also very good blood edit, rain is a tad too 2d looking and the lack of splash is disturbing tho.

Good thing I’m… oh.


Nice texturing/shading/everything. Lovely.

Typical manchester-like party.

Pretty much this to a word.

Slap ragdoll into stupid pose against tree

photoshop, make it a good image, get thumbs up

everyone wins.

Actually as far as ‘dying slowly and painfully’ poses go that’s pretty much dead on, sorry about your post

I don’t see how this bit is negative. :raise: