Francis disturbed Witch and got away, now she's looking for him.

i like it good idea

The light on the left upper corner is bad placed, but the posing is nice and I like the grain.
Also there is some weird light or something near the door lock on francis side.

Needs moar film grain

I like Francis’ pose, but the witch looks afraid and almost like some random comical incident is about to happen; like a bucket of water falling on her head…

I like the lighting alot :3


What happens when Francis closes the door on the Witch?

“Francis broke the Witch’s nose. Francis is getting sued”

I’m sure the witch would sniff him out

And that’s why she crys.

Fear57 got good.

“Honey, i’m home!”

oblarg larg! git the pistol

Got good what? Milk, games, dick…wait as in I HAVE a good dick, NO it ju-bu-she WAAHHHH!!

widescreen bars don’t really help the screenshot

Personally, I think she should be flailing more and going crazy, tearing the place apart. But I like the idea!

Clever. Camera angle works well.