Francis Duke Nukem parody + bonus

Bonus :smiley: Zoey and Ellis, with shadows

wake me up when the picture is done loading

Very good. I like both of them.

I like them.


I like the bonus and I’d really like to see the Francis Nukem, lol…

nice joke, ha ha ha :confused:

Where’s the duke nukem parody?

We’ve got emotes for this, ya know.
Anyway, the Francis picture doesn’t even want to load however I quite like the Ellis/Zoey one.

I can’t see the first picture, but I’m sure, that it is dumb like the second pic.

very constructive criticism.

you should consider becoming a professional reviewer

the servers is offline, sorry

Now that I see the Francis one…I don’t see any Duke Nukem Reference…lol

Just rate the picture, not thread name

Ah, false marketing, I hate the fact that without having a descriptive title it seems hardly no one checks out my work, but that doesn’t mean that I’d sell what isn’t there, it’s just a bit “down there”.

Same goes for tagging deviantart and youtube works.

Nice shading.

nice trolling there