Francis finds a Survivor in the streets

No editing other than DoF. I like how the Francis’ posing came out (other than his messed up neck).

C&C please!

If it’s in-game, where’d the lightning come from?


I think he meant lightNING

Oh damn, misread. It’s part of the map Vman, I just took the shot when the lightning struck.

Damn that looks great, besides Francis’s neck, also why does Zoey’s hair look like stone on the ponytail?

Her head casted a shadow on it, and since the shadows have noise, it made the ponytail look that way :stuck_out_tongue: Oh, thanks for the comment :smiley:

I like the posing and the angle mate, but the pic looks kinda empty :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Santz, I would have put something in the background; but I wasn’t sure what :confused:

Mabye a few dead zombies?

This is great. Love how the light turned out. Finger pose on Francis is amazingly accurate. Artistic for you.

Apart from the neck I really have nothing major worth mentioning on the bad side. This is hole in one:)

I like the look of Francis’s face.

I hate survivors.


Thanks man! I tried really hard on the posing for this one, and it seems it payed off!

Thanks, I think this is one of my better face poses :smiley:

Oh, I like your avatar. Loved watching that show.

Thanks for the comments guys!

Francis face is a little off he is like >;/
Posing seems cool but I dont know about that lightning. Doesnt really fit IMO because it doesnt create any light.
Still cool. Go on doing poses.

Thanks Combine. I thought the lightning would make it look a little more interesting, and I think I made Francis’ left eye a little too squinted.