Francis hackin' and wackin' zombies with some machetes

I kind of made this for the last stand competition, although I had the idea before the competition too. My first time actually trying to make blood in photoshop.

Very nice.

Needs some motion blur, the blood also looks over-smudged

needs more badass expression

Motion blur on what? The chopping machete is motion blurred.

I don’t think a machete would go through skull that easily but whatever, it looks nice. Especially the end of the 'chete inside of his body.

Rip and tear.

"dont ever try to fuck with the mexican"

but in this fall…

"Dont ever try to fuck with the biker guy in left 4 dead, that hate things"

Reminds me of that part in Land of the Dead with that Hispanic zombie with a machete.

It is a zombie that he’s cutting and most movies/games depict zombies as having much softer skin and bones.

Hacking and Wacking? I don’t know, for some reason the title of this, reminds me of that one old song.

Especially since the song also mentions a knife and in case you heard this song in Fallout 3, GNR did not have the rest of the song past 2:26, not to mention FO3 also had enemies that were basically zombies, in case you have not played.

except that song is about a rapist, not a machete wielding madman

single zombies, mob o’ zombies, hunters tanks and all!

oh pete

he loves that meat