Francis has been infected

He’s too hardcore to succumb to the zombie impulses, so instead they’re making him trip out.


“what’s wrong Francis?”

looks good, allthough the shading on his neck is inaccurate ^^

Yeah i lazied out there

He should have more of an angry expression instead of being afraid.
That’s if you were trying to imitate the rage virus, anyway. :v:

Well, that would be after a bit, initially he’d be doubled over in pain.

I like it.

I dont see a change?

Good work. Nice to see someone else do those eye edits. Dodge/burn tool I presume?

eyes look weird

Select it then Hue/Saturation

By the way this has gotten to part 3

I used the same technique here

OR he could be acquiring mind reading abilities.

Faceposing just doesn’t seem too much like Francis but good none-the-less.
Eye bleeding reminded me of RE5.