Francis headbutts a cop while his biker buddy strangles the other one

Thats the worst headbutt I have ever seen.

You’re supposed to hit the other person in the nose, not in his forehead - you’re going to hurt yourself as much as your target if you hit him on the hardest part of his head. Also, the cop doesn’t seem to be reacting to the attack at all; his head hasn’t moved back from the impact.


That’s from another thread, nice try

wouldn’t headbutt be when you take your head up someone elses ass

Rhino Francis!
Pretty odd posing and bad camera angle.

The pose looks bad because it’s unrealistic. Sorry I didn’t realise complaining about how the posing is bad is pointless logic.

I wasn’t implying that, moron. :downs:

Like you wouldn’t have said it anyway.

You quoted a post that says talking about logic is crap. Sarcasm doesn’t transfer well done the tubes, “moron”.

It’s christmas time again! LALALALA!

lol at the random “OMGPANIC” dude in the background.

We might aswell keep Francis in a non-sober state.