Francis & Hunter playing Hide n' Seek

In the first picture, the depth-of-field, camera angle, posing and faceposing are all fantastic. Very well done.

I really like that sneaky hunter in the first picture.

Really good poseing too.

So you got your awesome computer?

Why does francis face looks like if its real?
Thats awesome.


Why is weegee that funny?


Anyway, looks great dude.

oh noes its weegee!

First picture looks like a real photo.

amazing job.

First pic is amazing. Those graphics are great.

Wow realy nice it looks better than the game!!

Well spotted. Good use of quote function.


This is the best thing i’ve seen on here. Fucking hell (Sorry for swearing) but its just pure awesome.

You ruined the picture. Sorry, to say.

The first one is awesome, don’t like the last one as much though.

Is Francis REALLY that high def?

That photo looks real, rated art.


Just failed improvement.

About the OP pics, they are amazing.

Hunter: Argh, you find me!
Francis: Okay, you count this time, and NO FREAKIN’ PEEKING.