Francis in the dark.... (Generic)

I know:

-Troll face
-Too dark (that’s the point)
-The pose is generic
-Too blurry

It really lacks focus. Posing seems okay, from what I can see. Except for the hand position, it’s pretty terrible.

Work on your faceposing.

If you know, why didn’t you fix them? :colbert:

Thanks! Yeah right, the hand in my opinion was terrible! And the face, well i couldn’t find a better (yes, it’s horrible) face : /


The face was very hard it took me like an hour to make the face, yes the face of francis it’s real hard to pose, maybe it’s made for troll faces?

The darkness was, meh, i like it!

The pose, Woah! i find it… well i don’t like the hand but if i fix the hand the shottie will cross through francis.

and, well, the blur effect, i dunno i tried to remove it, but i wanted to let it be like that!

I don’t know why, but I laughed at his face.

At least you improved from your other screenshots.

Yeah, me too! XD

use the emote :xd:

Using it in text makes you look like a tard

Ok Mate! :xd:

if you fucking like it, how is it something wrong with the picture?
The face looks like he has :downs:, and his arm must be broken
prop posing, smart one


also xD in any form is gay as hell

Ok calm down pal i don’t want to start a fight!

BTW: down is not a joke

Downs is a joke here buddy, get used to it.

And his face isn’t that hard to pose, I’ve seen it done well where it didn’t take an hour.

Stop being lazy by the way, stop saying BTW, or other pointless acronyms.

Very generic

OK! Maybe it was hard to facepose to my because i almost never use francis…

Meh, Well i’ll keep trying mate!


Please don’t bump about that, ok?

This is bad.

-His face is retarded.
-I like doing dark room poses too, but it’s too dark and the shadows are terrible.
-His hand is broken
-Looks like very bad fingerposing.

Yeah, but like i say before i’m not that good with francis

Don’t make up bullshit excuses. If you try it wouldn’t look bad. Faceposing is easy as hell.

OK OK OK! Calm down! This is one of my first francis attempts!


You really need to stop talking like that. It’s getting annoying as hell.

Now with some holes!

I dont see that much change :raise: