Francis is about to get shoot.

RIP Francis:)


What’s up with the faceposing?

I like the idea, but the execution could have been a little better. Camera angle, faceposing, and map all could have used some work.

Also, spellcheck your title, or you might get shoot down by everyone…

I know it’s shot. I saw the typo, but couldn’t stop the finger in time when I published:)

Zoey is checking her gun while Francis sneaks up on her with a silly look, thinking this is gonna be funny. That’s up with the faceposing.

I don’t know about you, but i’ve never made this face when I’m gonna play a prank.

There. Faceposing fixed. I hope.

Good thing he`s indestructable!
Also francis says: I HATE SPELLING ERRORS >.<


So you noticed. At least someone pays attention:)

No shadow of the head. You could try Photoshopping it in…

I already edited it once. Some didn’t like Francis facepose. It will have to stand as it is. I keep asking my self. Why did I choose this map?


by the way it’s not francis saying that

it’s me