Francis is enjoying his second (?) cigar. [Scenebuild]



I’m not a smoker so I don’t know if he’s smoking it right, heh… also, I’ve never seen what a cigar can do, but I imagine that at least TWO cigars would do a lot of smoke. That’s why there is (?), 'cause I’m not sure!
And the smoke is colored red, 'cause I think the lighting would affect the color of it, but I ain’t sure.




Your boomstick sure has a big stock.

Well, I’d have the smoke coming out in front of his face, seeing as that is where his mouth is open.
I feel it is a little too thick at the top, but I do not know for sure, I only ever am outside when anyone smokes,].

Finally! The Scenebuild screenshot has been successfully uploaded!

Very good. I like it.