Francis kills suited man in bathroom

First “major” edit. Used Vman’s editing tutorial, so thanks to him. Constructive criticism please.

Muzzleflash is not at the perspective that the pic was taken at.

Posing is nice, but the muzzle flash looks wierd and the blood is a bit too bright. Good job, I just did my first blood edit too.

wow, thats alot of blood

muzzleflash is sideways
15 gallons of blood

Yea, I didn’t like the way it turned out either…

Didn’t realize how much I put into it. Sorry.

Muzzle flash part: (see above), as far as blood goes, I didn’t really think too much about the brightness. So that was my bad. :v:

Blood is way too bright.

Ok. Thanks for the critique.

entry wounds dont have blood btw

Oh ok. Thanks for the tip.

The muzzleflash is kinda angled weird, and there should barely be any blood for an entry wound unless the gun blew up his stomach somehow.

Maybe he did :smug: