Francis lost in the Airport.

For some reason, that I can’t explain, I know st Peter won’t… sorry, uh, for some reason I can’t explain it looks weird. I don’t like it.

(If you get the reference, u can haz cookie)

It doesn’t feel right.

That’s because Slender-Man is watching.

I get it :smiley:

Pose is very awkward, find better handgun models.

The font seems to boldish to me.

Francis is a pain in the ass to pose. :frowning:

/me is going to install the TF2 fixed ragdolls to L4D ragdolls

Dude, you are totally showing off that you got l4d maps

FINALLY ! Someone notice that !
A big thanks to bigboom for showing me what the hell i did wrong. :v:

Is that the only reason you made this?

Decompile and recompile with ep2 tools?

Guns to close to him

Yeah L4d ragdolls are a fucking pain to pose with

I wish it was that easy…

HOLY SHIT! Nice job getting the L4D maps in Gmod, what ya going to do when if you do them all? Oh please release, amazing how you managed it. The weapons are pretty damn shiny

Headshotter always releases. He is not an asshole that keeps stuff for himself.

That is good to hear.

relase that l4d ma jajajajaja


Just need to fix this rope problem, talk to bigboom… then i will certainly release them.