Francis owning a tank with a double sword ontop of a flying train wagon.

Descriptive title is descriptive.

You can’t call this generenic now can ya?

Now if you don’t get whats going on:

This is propably my last pose in a month, since I’m going to US monday. I tried to make this a little bit extra special. Tomorrow I’ll release a complication thread and (hopefully) Get my spot in the FP museum.
Only i fucked up the greenscreen editing a little, well.

Now post!1!11!!! This propably is the last chance to say something about me/ against me in 4 weeks.
So do it.

Boomer is too fat to stay on.

Haha cool

no, i suppose you cant lol

I don’t really like the sky. Cool posing though.

Nice edit.

lool badass!
The boomer makes me lol, because hes so fat.

Thanx for the comments so far guys.

Pretty nice, BUT if you make screenshots next time in a greenscreen room, then turn first the bloom off!

DAMMIT! I already was asking myself why it turned in so hard to edit. I really need to place a stickynote on my screen next time.