Francis punching Nick in the face.

I’m too lazy to edit :v:

The cop died of aids.

You might wanna look at this one.[media]

[sp]No hard feelings Bubz[/sp]

poorly done and badly concieved


jesus christ francis must have no wristbones

Dont be so harsh man.

Posing seems alright but the face posing in francis seems strange.

Francis just broke his thumb.


And his wrist.

looks funny

Nick seems to be enjoying it.

Harsh my arse. this guy’s gonna get aerially bombarded by others. i was merely lightly burning(Not flaming) his presumably FP virgin flesh


I don’t really mind deathbucket’s comments. All of his posts are dumb and he thinks he’s a badass over the internet. Why would I even read deathbucket’s comment when all of his poses are shit.


maybe he’s S&M?

Seriously i hate the fact every arsehole(You can’t deny everone is an arsehole. they HAVE arseholes after all.) comments on my pictures based on me as a person. Vman’s a bit of a dick but you don’t judge his pics on that do you?

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That’s a nice thought. :smile:

Statement withdrawn. i am a naughty boy. oooh matron

DB, seriously just go. You clearly don’t enjoy your time here and we don’t enjoy your presence either. It would be better for all if you just found a new hobby to fail at.

I rather enjoy my time here, gives me a good laugh plus i get to show my poses on the odd chance one of them isn’t a pile of melted feces spewed from my anus

Nick is a masochist.
I lol’d at the bubz pic.

Nick is trying to hug the fist with his face :smiley:

And the bubz pic is awesome, post it on the PS megathread :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice posing on all of the pics mate.

The broom stick is protruding through Francis chest. I think he’s dead.

yeah bubz hit it into him.

It’s barely clipping onto the jacket but the camera angle makes it look worse :saddowns: