Francis shooting a zombee with his AK 47

Just practicing.

You overdid the blurr.

That muzzleflash is awful.

Too grainy and far too blurry.

Got an original?

Took the words right outta my face.

Took the words right outta my dick.


no that would be the dick

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I see where we did there

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Also original :

Sounds painful.

I can’t make out what’s a hand and what’s a rifle. So much phong and blur. It’s quite confusing.

Too much blur, flash is awful, AKM flashes don’t look like that at all. The AKM has a slant brake, so the flash is just a fireball since nothing’s stopping it from going out in all directions.

I would’ve liked it more if the flash looked more like this:

tho, i’m not the best flash maker. it’s better than yours tho.

Definitly better indeed.

hahaha harsh

That’s the way to improve boyo, I’m taking it the cool way.

What? It is :v:

You should have made it like that flash I liked from that pic you posted in the “not worth a thread” thread.

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You don’t control me.

You drunk br9ski=

Bubba’s muzzleflash is just too perfectly shaped, Zeraxi’s looks like a bad explosion, and my dick is too huge.