Francis shooting at a tank

Fancis face seems a bit odd.
Gun is a bit small?
But I love how the tank is that dark.
Cut out the left part with francis and just the tank and id make it my wallpaper :smug:

Im back.
You can all start crying now.

Francis is fine, the gun is fine, everything about the picture is fine. The muzzleflash looks decent, and I like how Francis is stepping back from it.

Are you just posting to get heart ratings, or just wanting to get your posts up?

I think I see jagged edges on Francis’ face.

Im not you.

Great depth-of-field and lighting as usual. The weapon does look a little small but it’s only a minor issue. Very good picture overall.

… for some reason though my mind stopped working when I read the thread title and I was expecting some sort of armour, not a zombie.

yeah i was expecting him to be ripping off a turret or something lol