Francis Shooting Some Zombies

Wow…I can’t find anything bad about this.
Great work!

I can :3:

-The blur is strange, why is the lower part of the screen blurred? And why is Francis blurry but not the zombies?
-The left muzzle flash stands out too much through the smoke and goes over the zombine, as for the right muzzle flash, I have no idea what’s going on there, because from the looks of things it is coming from an invisible gun to the side of the zombie
-Why is there blood coming from absolutely everywhere on the zombine? It looks like he was just hit by a shotgun, not a Mac10
-The helmet is too high on Francis’ head, makes him look like a conehead.
-What the hell is up with Francis’ feet??

Vman I agree. O K pose

I think L4D zombies would go good with a L4D character.
The muzzleflash light on the uzi seems to sharp.
Doesn’t appear as if the shotgun is actually hitting the zombie, more like he shot to the side of it.
Blood looks pretty painted.

Like the posing though.

Oh, the machine gun Francis is holding on his left hand is going through the zombie’s body, and lets just assume Francis fired multiple Mac10 rounds at the zombine.

Yes I did mess up on the helmet, and I have no idea whats so wrong about his feet.
(I just blurred the bottom half of the screen for the looks, IMO it doesn’t make the picture any different.)

I thought it was a shotgun in his left hand. Kinda hard to tell.

He’s holding a machine gun, not a shotgun.

If he is stabbing the zombie with the gun, why fire?

Lets assume there are more zombies in the back, plus, there is a headcrab right above the muzzle flash.

Editing is really cool but the posing is pretty bad.

he’s shooting an M60 one handed? And he still has an arm?!? haha wow - take a look

Looks like he just shot out a nebula.

I kinda need a real picture to believe that you can shoot it with one hand, not another garrysmod pic.

Everbody found something wrong. Nobody could stand on a chair like that. And what is your avatar for curiosity’s sake?


“I hate things from other planets- even you Nazi!”