Francis shoots a hunter at point blank.

Just some more practice with blood splatter and muzzle flashes. I know the blood isn’t the best but I am getting there. What do you guys think?

P.S. ( I didn’t contrast rape this one Chesty!) :slight_smile:


C&C please, good sirs.

Blood isn’t all there as you say, but posing isn’t bad. A good effort. Muzzle flash a bit bright, but then again. That is a big gun:)

It looks alright to me. The blood could be a little darker, however.

It’s nice, but…

Handy hint for better-looking blood splatters. Go here:

Get a free account, and you can download the “Splatter” Images. I recommend the Wedge shaped ones for flying blood effects. A few simple photoshop edits and you have some really nice-looking blood splatters.

I used them to great effect in this picture, for the blood flying off the monster and the blood trail left behind by the sword:

How did I not know about this?! thank you

Whoa, thanks man! That will save me alot of time. Thanks again!