Francis Suicide

Failed at angle

The blood looks pasted and the hand posing is pretty weird. But I like the face posing.

Suicide poses everywhere! :gonk:


Blood comes out the head first, then a few seconds after it would bleed out the mouth. I wish people would tone down on blood shots too, first impacts never give out that much blood.

The blood really starts to come out after the body either hits the ground, or a few miliseconds before.

I got some video somewhere of some American governor shooting himself in the head, I guess that would help when editing blood shots (specifically mouth shots). NSFW though.

Is that dead Zoey behind him?


Arm clipping into vest.

It comes out of his nostrils like a fountain.

What is up with all these suicide pictures.

Is everyone turning emo?

That’s because the shock blast from the gun pretty much causes a miny shockwave inside someones head, and the end result is an explosion of the brain.


Who the hell shoots themselves like that?

Francis in this pic.

But hes shooting himself in the throat.

Truthfully it was a self-induced vomit, which ended in the regurgitating of blood rather than what he ate last; failed bulimic attempt.

Looks like he tried to deep-throat the gun but accidentally pressed the trigger.

Missed, he was licking it

Why is look like Francis do a Blowjobs to the Magnum?