Francis Threatening Louis

Francis: Are you sure you’re not changing? Because I think I see fangs.


Bill: You are an idiot, Francis…

The most badass way to reload a gun!


He can’t possibly see the fangs because his over-sized pistol is in the way.

Me likey this one too.

Oh god that way to reload is fucking genious :D.
Superb posing and camera angles as usual.

His right eye is a Derp eye in the first pic.

Anyway rated paint :smile:

damn dude, ever sense you got that new fangled computin’ machine your shots are starting to look life-like.

This is annoying. I screenshot in 1280x1024 LCD. That is what my gfx card can handle. (The little wimp). All gfx in GMod on max of course. I can’t get this quality. How do you edit Ilwrath?

I don’t.

i like how he is shoving his barrel in his mouth its nice…very nice, do more please

Oh francis, when will you learn.

Really nice editing on the second picture.

What editing? :v:


Fuck dude your making me want to do this, These poses are 40 times better then anything edited i don’t care what anyone says.

It’s funny to imagine the dialog in their voices…

Aww yeah



Christ! Great pics but Francis looks freaking demonic in the second one!

These are two of the best garrys mod photos I have ever seen! NO JOKE!

Excellent posing and lighting there. You make the L4D models look fantastic (which they are)

“Sorry Louis, what was that you said about vests? I didn’t quite catch it.”