Francis to fight it is ready

“Francis to fight it is ready”

Looks pretty badass. I do not like the brown though, and no, I’m not bandwagoning, I just don’t like it.


The picture is pretty awesome btw


Mein automerge

Nicely done.

this is great stuff really

Are you korean by any chance?

cool picture, but title confuses me

Title has a badly phrased infinitive clause. Would work in literal translation, but should be “It is ready for Francis to fight,” or “Francis is ready to fight,” as more refined.

The picture itself is pretty good. Finally someone uses the M16A1 model, for once. Definitely makes him look more of a “survivor” type, with all the scavenged shit.

Who is the dude standing behind him? Is that an operator head hacked onto another body? :confused:

It’s Zoey, are you blind



It seriously looked like an operator tho, I thought the hair was a crack/blood splash

keep in mind also I never played l4d so I don’t recognize anything from it as well as anyone who has played the game for hours.

Zoey, L4D

Zoey is a man so don’t feel bad for mistaking her as one.

The textures on Francis’s gloves is sexy.

I don’t even care about the title!
This is awesome!

the boomers standing there like
Wha da fa?