"Francis! You selfish fuck! Open the door!" Francis merrily ditches the other survivors.

What do you do when you hear a Tank coming? You run all the way back to the spawn area and close the damn door behind you, that’s what. And then you better make sure no-one else gets in.


Orgyanal, GM_Construct:


Got the idea after playing with my friend.

Comments appreciated.

Louis’ and Francis’ faces are the best.

Sweet motion blur and the lighting looks great.
Louis’ face cracks me up everytime.

i love the contrast between blue and orange, gj

This pretty much is what happened when we were playing. Right there it was funny… except for the fact that I almost got raped by that tank.

That is some of the sweetest face posing I’ve ever seen.

Bless you sir. Bless you.

Tank: ‘High-five!’

Heh… funny…

Ha, i laughed my ass of when i saw this picture.

lol i did this online before :]

I bet pretty much everyone has done this at least once.

And he’s the only one with a tier 2 weapon. Oh that devil.

“I hate you guys.”

Is he mimicking the " Haters gonna hate" move?




Lol nice, badly cut out though.

Not really, but you can see it that way too.

When I played as Francis, 80% I always do like this. I dont know why xD
Lovely lighting and face expressions

Lookin’ good.
Would look better when wider.

Lol i don’t think anyone who has played L4D hasn’t done this before =)

Reminds me of that comic about the hunter: http://fc05.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2010/089/3/c/L4D___The_Hunter_by_IsisMasshiro.jpg

Louis expression! :3