Francis, Zoey, and The Horde.

Nice pic :smiley:


I don’t think that M4 is correct since that you have to have the back part(seen here), because it actually has some function, Bean-O can help me on this, but I think the pic I hotlinked is the closet you can have for any AR-15 platform. However the rest looks lovely.

Where did you get that BEAUTIFUL AK-47 model?!

Yes, I know, but models do not need to be exactly realistic :stuck_out_tongue:


And nice pic. If that’s in-game edit your really good.

Dayumn, that doesnt look like the source engine, awesome work, especialy francis.

Does she know they’re behind her

Pretty friggin’ amazing. Nice posing and I love the zombie’s head popping.

Hairy and Ilwrath have it, so Seth must have it. Lemme guess, private?

It’s not private at all, just hex it yourselves.

Although Ilwrath has made variants with and without the mag, the mag on it’s own and variants with the slide back.

Looks great.