Francis & Zoey " Left 2 Dead "

“kill non-human”

my second edit…
Im looking my pic is awkward… <:(

How about you…?

The point of connection, Francis and the background
that is very awkward…there black line is remarkable.

than what should i do, to natural?

Francis looks like he will fall asleep.



Ok… Im fine now…

About the pic, nice posing, nice blood/smoke editing but the light of the muzzle flash its a little bit overwhelming.

Its zoey not joey and its francis not fransis and its not even left 2 dead its left 4 dead dumbass.

(User was banned for this post ("This is not constructive criticism" - verynicelady))

I see you’re a very nice person.

Dumbass coming from you doesn’t mean much.

And not bad man, just minor improvements you’ll need. Along with your english :s

He made it that way because there is only 2 people on the picture… LEFT 2 DEAD.
I would insult you but that would get me banned :v: again… If you are not gonna give some constructive criticism to the OP, don’t flame him.

its left 2 dead because two people, and she is joey because that isn’t left 4 dead ^^

nice pic^^

Francis’ head and eyes are posed very strangely. Looks only semi-concious. Editing is nice though, especially the smoky wound.

I agree with everyone else about nearly everything. Though a better title would have been Left 2 Die.

Francis is like:“Wtf am I doing here”
AK looks like a freakin toy gun.

But the posing is good (except francis)
and the muzzleflash and the blood too.
So its good.