Frank Castle - The Punisher

Well, I’ve finally gotten to fixing up the Punisher ragdoll that I posted a while ago. He’s almost ready to be released, but I could use a little advice on a bug I’m having where his eyes are blank. He has no face-posing, either.

Credits go to Ingyu of the model, and thanks to Silver Spirit, Pelef, Derive4,Renth, and Kamern for help on compiling and finding programs.
And thanks to CanadianGouda for inspiration and technical imput. :v:

If you want to use the Beta, a link is here:




It doesn’t have faceposing most likely because either it doesn’t have it (I can’t remember) or you removed it to get it to compile due to errors (as regually happens).

I’ll see if I can have a look at it tommorow for you, see if I can work out why the eyes are blank (which is pretty weird, it’s not normally the pupils that break).

Well, it has all of the sliding bars for face-posing, but his face doesn’t move.

Does the original’s face move?

Well, the original’s doesn’t move either.

Edit: Face - posing may be out, then. Everything else but the eyes work, though.

Doesn’t have any eyes…
Nice skin.

The eyes show up as “No material” texture. Purple and black.

That’s weird. All of the textures for the eyes are in the pack.

However I like my punisher in a trench coat. :wink:

can we make this a playermodel?


Looks like you just darkened the skin and added a skull.

I could take a look at it later when if I get all my tools setup

okay jason

also it sucks what happened to your computer

I like it. I really like it. Have an artistic. although, your little problem with the eyes could be a problem with your .vmt Try giving it a quick lookover and making sure everything’s all good.

oh, and you mispelled my name :lol:

I woke up and it was crashed. Refused to reform and now I have to use a shitty old one till Christmas.

i got worse for you

looking at, hit my knee into the keyboard shelf, the thing falls on the computer and damages it, and it was clicking, got to get it fixed soon

I looked at the eye VMts, and it turned out they were set to the Crysis pack’s eyes, so that might be where DarthVoorhee’s black-and-purple eyes came from, but it still has blank eyes even after I fixed the VMT. Everything else seems to be good, though.

My bad!

My computer’s graphics card did the same thing. I tried to turn the computer on and the graphics card randomly stopped working.

Again, the same thing happened to me, only my entire computer got dropped on the ground. Stupid faulty desk!

So it’s a Crysis marine with a darker skin and skull named Frank?

Sort of. I also removed the equipment from his torso. I picked the Crysis marine for the reskin because it’s a lot like the suit the Punisher wears in Warzone.