Frank Castle - The Punisher

After a few months, I’ve finally gotten to fixing and releasing this reskin of the Crysis Marine. :v:
[release][tab]Name:[/tab] Frank Castle

[tab]Description:[/tab] Just a headhack and reskin of Ignyu’s Crysis Marines.


[tab]Credits:[/tab] Credits: Silver Spirit, Pelef, Derive4, Renth, and Kameren for tips and help, Taggart and Dean for tutorials, and Canadian Gouda for the idea :v:.[/release]

Looks really good, downloading.

Look at that mother fucker. He’s happy.

Looks pretty good. But for some reason i don’t see that male head as being particularly manly, and rugged, a la The Punisher.

i saw earlier in the WIP thread, his head was all meased up, the eyes were white, among other things with that particular model, but i agree…there are others…

i liked the bodyarmor, why don’t you hack the Punisher’s head from the Punisher’s PC game?

indeed, but think any other head besides the one that’s on now (not that its bad) would be nice.

Edit: 100th post

Using the Punisher’s head from the game would be cool, but I don’t have any porting tools (or the game).
I am thinking of using a new texture for the face, though. I just need a response back from Half-Dead to use it.

Edit: Here’s the new face textures:

Cool you finally got it working ^^ Looks good too.

damn! looks awesome.

Can you reskin the hands also? Something about the face skin and the hands skin don’t match.

Here are some hand textures to match the face better:

Make a playermodel with the new face and hand textures and this become better and useable in movies :smiley:

I can try a player on the new one and see if that works.

Needs a better head. But pretty cool. Got my download.
Needs more wrinkles and squinty eyes. And he’s too young. Castle’s about 60-something in his continuity now.
How about the Tom Jane version next?

Nice work. :smugdog:

Thanks, downloading.

It is on the Valve Biped, so it should work.


Well I tried a player and its really fucked

Like it looks fine right?

But when you or the NPC dies it looks like

Plus when you die and select him or load a game, it seems to lock up the game for like 3 minutes then it finally loads the model

Does it seem to be a problem with the way I rigged the model or the model’s QC? I used Dean’s tutorial for the rigging and the model uses the citizen’s QC as a base.