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A couple of Fallout pics on gm_black

The usage of the clean modern citizens is a really nasty clash and the posing is pretty wonky, but the scenebuild is incredible.

i like that 2nd pic

Yea, the shitty posing on those people almost made me want to not post it. I partly blame the ragdolls for it though.

interesting how the sunlight in the bonus is coming from many VERY different directions

Oh that model got released? Is it on workshop or anywhere else?

Oh wait shit it isn’t that model.

That’s really pretty dude, where did all of those models in the second pic, like the floor,road, walk signs, and buildings come from?

ty, the buildings etc. are from Fallout, Day of Defeat and NeoTokyo. as for the roads, they’re just containers with a road material from another prop.

haha yeah, it’s actually just a super mutant and adv. power armor. was kind of a pain in the ass to pose.