Frank West, he's covered wars 'ya know

[release][tab]Name:[/tab]Frank West

[tab]Version:[/tab] 1

[tab]Description:[/tab]Frank West from Dead Rising

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] Garrysmod, knowing who he is

[tab]Credits:[/tab] BlooCobalt (most of the work), Plasmid (faceposing), Dean (faceposing, skin), Nirrti (pose), Enhanced_AI (request and camera)

[tab]Features:[/tab] Face-posable, eye-posable, finger-posable, a bonus camera prop (by Enhanced_ai)





Both protagonist in a single day.

Amazing work, Chuck Green and Frank West on the same day.

He’s covered wars, you know.

We really need a mall map.

Looks interesting :slight_smile:

We have a mall map:



Oh damn Ninjas.

Hooray me.

What happened to the mall that catfishtango worked on for like 3 years? It was amazing looking and he was almost done it.

Fucking badass.

What happened to him and his skivvies? or are they included as bodygroups?

No, do you *really *want a nude Frank? Mostly I mean, in his boxers.

I have various non sexual pose ideas that a mostly nude frank could be used for.


I love you. Holy fuck, about time someone did this.


I love dis

Yes, it’s released!!

Nice work team!

i love you so much wright now bloo

Wooooo i Love this! nice Work Bloo


Are you planning on porting the psychos or other main characters?

yes to main characters, dont think so for psychos