Frankfurt 1 - Wiped again INCLUDING BP's

Nothing official has been said and no one seems to know whats going on, no response on reddit either so I am posting here to see if anyone has any ideas.

The server wipe already happened and a lot of people spent all night fighting for their spot and building their bases, including some friends of mine who actually built a fairly large base and upgraded to stone and some metal. Luckily I only spent a bit of time this morning building but I really had to fight to build my 2x2 in such a hot spot, players and swarms of bears that were spawning so close together.

The server went offline hours ago and came back online a bit ago, but everything has been wiped including BPs, or least it seems so. Can we please have an official word on this, is it some kind of database connection error between the server? have you accidentally lost all the data for the server meaning not only was everyones night wasted after wipe but we also lost all our BPs which is a lot more work. When I joined the server the chat was full of rage and I can understand why lol, if anyone has ANY idea what’s going on it would probably be a good idea to let people know before they kill their families.

Still no official answer?


Was it a facepunch server?

Yes of course, Official Facepunch server Frankfurt 1 which is why I am baffled that nothing has been said.

The planned wipe happened according to the schedule, the server was back up with a fresh map, it was on all night until some time in the late morning. When the server finally came back up, it had not only been wiped again but BP’s had also been wiped. It is actually quite frustrating that nothing has been said necause I think the Facepunch team are awesome, but one of them could have at least spared 5 minutes to let us know what happened, or that they at least know something happened.

It’s a test server. So they are maybe testing something.

Maybe, but some people spent all night after wipe building stuff only for it to be wiped again 12 hours after the planned wipe, then also have the BPs wiped which was said wouldn’t happen, so it is more likely something went wrong.

If that really is a “test” then my point remains that it would have only took one of them a few minutes to announce the test on here or Reddit so people didn’t waste their time. Like I said, I think they’re a great team, but more communication would be nice considering these are official servers.

It’s been said hundreds of times, but once again here it is.

If you’re looking for a stable and well moderated Rust experience, do NOT play on official Facepunch servers.

I know alot of people expect the opposite, and feel that official servers should offer these things, but the fact remains that they do not, nor have any claims to that effect have ever been made by Facepunch as far as I am aware.

I never mentioned anything about the servers stability or how well it’s “moderated”, I am speaking about the fact there is zero communication from the team where their own official servers are concerned.

I am not complaining it happened, I am wondering why that they can’t spare a few minutes just to let us know roughly what happened 12 hours after the planned wipe, or at least just let us know they are even aware something fucked up, because for all we know they might not even be aware it was wiped again + BP also wiped after the first planned wipe.

I am happy with the official servers and I have no desire to play a server essentially controlled by another player who can close it down or ban players for as little as being butthurt.

that’s pretty much exactly what you just said. communication is a part of server moderation, and wipes affecting players gaming experience is basically “stability” in it’s purest form.

the point is the same though, official servers may as well be renamed “test” servers since they are primarily used for the development of the game, not to provide a stable gaming experience for players. play on official if you want to see the bleeding edge of the games development, and on a decent community server if you want to be able to build without fearing unexplained wipes/rollbacks.

Well considering there’s a steam exploit going around, playing on random community servers is playing Russian roulette.

Any light on it? Never heared of the exploit. scared me off from COMM/servers.

another WTF why do offcial servers suck thread did summon me!

Shortcut: They suck, look for an good Community one they are vanilla + Moderated (sometimes)