Frankie is on board.

Frankie is on board with Rust,


Oh boy…

There’s already a thread about this.

Thats all we need some other youtuber bringing trucks full of idiots asking for keys.

He even uses Gyazo, can you get anymore worse.

Expect x180 more in the not so distant future.

I need to make a fake keygen for this game that deletes system32 on everyones computer that installs it.

Psi, Frankie, Yogtards, Whinocrunch, going to be a load moar “0MG GIEFF KEE PLZPLZPLZPLZ!!!1!1!2ELEVEN11!” threads soon.

Don’t blame it on me, at least I’m here on the forums to suppress them on my end, I doubt Frankie, Rhino or anyone else will ever be active on the forums.