Ok so i have been using FRAPS for a while now, but everytime i release a movie the quality is crap, i have alreaddy tryed messing around with the resolution so it isen’t that
and the “Half Size/Full Size” settings.

Anyone got the cure?

Oh, and yes, i do use WMM but i don’t over use it (as in using the stupid fades)

Use source recorder, its free, already in game, better quality, and just plain…

like 50x better.

[sp]Go source Recorder![/sp]

i always tryed using source recorder, i suppose i should try it again

Question: Is it the fraps files themselves that are crap or the finished movie after you put it through movie maker? Don’t do the default settings when you compile the video in movie maker, you can set the resolution (HD videos would be 720p). If the fraps files are smooth for a few second then get choppy, it might be because the file is so big your computer can’t handle it

I think the “DVD quality” might be youtube’s high quality option. Try it out and see if the quality is better

I once got a problem where everytime I recorded the frames woul dgo down to 1 - 5. I got rid of like 20 gigs of hard drive space and it fixed itself! :smiley:

oh, that was a great day…

That’s another issue entirely :slight_smile: But yes, Fraps demands alot from your computer