Fraps is Failing

I know that it is usual for Fraps to bring your framerate down about 10 FPS, but whenever I try to record Garry’sMod footage for a movie I’m making, it goes from about 40 FPS to 3 FPS. This is unusual, since I haven’t had any problems with this before. Any help appreciated.

use Source Recoder.

How do I turn the files in WMV’s?

Where do you even get source recorder? I saw it on garrysmod but i doubt that’s it.

You don’t NEED to.

I think it’s built into the game. You just type

record <whatever you want>

and it records.


But I need to use it as media for a Sony Vegas project. I don’t think Vegas accepts DEM files.

I think windows movie maker can use .dem files not sure. :raise:

Nope, they are only usable in game.

Demo files are re-enactments of what happened in game while recording. Their quality comes out as whatever your settings are in game.

As for fraps being slow, how much space on your hard drive do you have left? You should have at least 20 gigs left.

I got 26 gigs left it’s slow for me.(Fraps)

90 Gigs, I should be good, but I’m not.


And Windows Movie Maker just doesn’t cut it.

Fraps is good with non-source games

Yeah, but I’ve used it for GMOD before, and it was fine. It baffles me.

Oh wow, Source Recorder illiteracy all up in this thread.

If you’re using Source Recorder, follow these steps:

  1. Type Record <filename> into the console, to record whatever you want to have happen. It will save it as a .dem file, with the name you gave it.

  2. After you’re done recording, type STOP in the console. It will stop recording.

  3. Type playdemo <filename> with the name you fave it. It will open the movie now. Set GMod to the highest settings you can, now. Your viewers will thank you.

  4. Type startmovie <name of your clip> avi in the console. It should look like startmovie randomclip avi if you do it right. It will ask you to pick a codec. I suggest using XVid. It works perfectly for me. Never had any issues. If you don’t have it, google it.

  5. When it’s done with your clip, it will go back to the main menu of GMod. Type endmovie in the console. This will end the movie. Your movie is now in your GMod root directoy, at whatever settings you set GMod to. With lossless quality. Open it into whatever you use, and edit it. It will be saved as an AVI file.

After typing the startmovie command, it will look weird. The game will appear to have 3 FPS, and the audio will stutter like hell. This is normal. When it’s done, it’s nothing like that.
There is more advanced things you can do, but I won’t get into those right now. It seems everyone here doesn’t know how to even record with it, so tricks will be saved for a later time.

If you have an extra HDD, set Fraps to place your recorded videos on to that drive.

That way, you can put the stress of saving a video on something that isn’t trying to run a game also.